"Pilot (Episode)"
Season 0, Episode Pilot
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Production code: 697-003
Premiere date: January 2, 2027 (USA)

March 8, 2027 (UK)

Viewers: 2.10 million
Directed by: David Villegas
Written by: David Villegas
Storyboarded by: David Villegas
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"Welcome to the City"

"Pilot" is the pilot episode in the Untitled Project. The pilot episode was released on January 2, 2027 in United States and March 8, 2027 in United Kingdom. The episode was written and directed by show's creator David Villegas.


This story is about a young adult 21 years old named Skyler lived with his 24 years old older brother Dwight in a urban midtown Vermont City at the far side of California. He met and befriend a unidentified, humorous, former banclor named Tom, who helped him to saved his entire full of stolen collecting from the mysterious person.



To be added


The show marked that this show for rating TV-G for short inappropriate for age 8–14.


  • First appearance for Skyler
  • First appearance for Tom
  • First appearance for Dwight
  • First appearance for Unnamed Mysterious person
  • First appearance for Unnamed Paper Boy

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