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Skyler Barclay
Biographical Information
Home: Canada (formerly)
Vermont City, California (currently)
Occupation: Landscaper
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Relatives: Dwight Barclay (brother)
Branch Marsh (uncle)
Sam Marsh (cousin)
Chris Barclay (deceased father)
Unnamed deceassd mother
Unnamed deceased sister
Unnamed grandparents
Show Information
Voiced by: David Villegas
First appearance: "Untitled Project" (Unofficial)
Untitled Project (Short film)
"Pilot" (Official)
"Welcome to the City"

Skyler Barclay is the one of two major protagonists in the Untitled Project, along with his best friend Tom Cerny. He is good, very kind, some ridiculous, wise, anxious 21 years old man, who lived with his 24 years old restful, mechanic older brother Dwight, who charged due at work. He is voiced by the show's creator David Villegas.

He made his debut in Villegas' short story.

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Skyler was a Canadian and born from Canada to Chris Barclay and his mother, with his older brother Dwight and younger sister. Since his parents and younger sister had presumably died from car accident, and Skyler and Dwight are send them both to thier restful mechanic uncle Branch Marsh and his son Sam. Once he was being bored with Sam, who builled him in the park, then hit him with log.


Skyler is tall of 5' 5" inches, some straight brown hair, two freckles on his cheeks, some one cricket tooth. He wear a blue causal shirt with short sleeve, red band on his right arm, long blue jean and brown shoe. He had using his own raygun.

Alternate versionEdit

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Skyler-Themed ContentEdit

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Fourth Walls BreaksEdit


Skyler has all appears in the all episodes





  • The character was originally as female character in short story, but later replacing as male character.


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